Jay Chou’s company releases statement after “garbage” comment

The singer’s fans went up in arms after the entrepreneur’s interview was broadcasted


Taiwanese singer Jay Chou’s company has released their official statement after the CEO of Chinese online shopping site Vancl, Chen Nian, called the Mandopop star “garbage” in a televised interview earlier this week.

JVR Music had refrained from calling out Chen Nian in their statement, and said, “Jay has always focused on making good music, and making sure everything he does is perfect. [We will] not comment on other matters.”

Chen Nian had appeared on a talk show earlier this week, where he shared how much he respected the late Chinese poet Mu Dan. The host then likened Chen Nian’s adoration for Mu Dan to “our feelings when we see Jay Chou”, only for Chen Nian to retort that Mu Dan was way more superior than Jay. The entrepreneur then continued to say that “in a hundred years’ time, everyone will still remember Mu Dan, [but] Jay Chou will definitely be garbage”.

After the interview was broadcasted, Chen Nian’s comments made waves online, with Jay’s fans taking to Weibo to call out the entrepreneur, leaving comments like, “[So], only your idols deserve to be called idols?” and “Did Mu Dan teach you to deem public figures as garbage?”, as well as “Why don’t you compare Mu Dan and Li Bai [a Chinese poet who lived during the Tang Dynasty, with works which are known till today] then?”.

Lyricist Vincent Fang, who often collaborates with Jay also took to Weibo to criticise Chen Nian, writing, “So, does it mean that being a pop singer is not a legitimate job in your biased and bigoted eyes? Even if you feel that only the job of an online entrepreneur can be considered a real job, and that those who have written songs like East Wind Breaks, Blue And White Porcelain and Fireworks Cool Easily, which have given multiple generations different memories are garbage, then what does that make the people who like these songs? Please make a sincere apology.”

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