Jay Chou’s daughter shows off her musical capabilities

Pictures of what appears to be Hathaway on a piano surfaces online


Photos: PBE Media

Yesterday, a picture of Hathaway standing upright with her hands on a piano was posted online, prompting fans to comment, “Jay Chou finally has someone to carry on his musical legacy!”

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou and model Hannah Quinlivan tied the knot in January last year, with Hannah giving birth to Hathaway in July the same year. The couple often talk about their parenting experiences on shows after the birth of their daughter, and are seen as a picture-perfect family.

Yesterday, Jay’s fanclub posted a picture of Hathaway’s back view on Weibo, with the baby standing upright on a piano stool. Her hands were placed on the piano, looking as if she was playing it. Beside Hathaway was a toddler, with his hands placed on the piano as well, making it seem as if the two were having a “piano duet”.

Hathaway even had her father’s signature black beanie perched atop her head to complete the look. As a result, fans have been commenting that Jay Chou finally has a successor to his musical career.


However, many have also noted that it is not known for sure if the baby pictured in the photograph is indeed Hathaway.

Sources have also revealed that Hannah’s brother, when shown the picture, immediately jumped to clarify that the baby picture was not Hathaway. Jay’s company, JVR Music, has also clarified that as the baby’s face was not pictured, they are not certain if it is indeed Hathaway, and urged fans not to blindly believe online rumours.

Sharp-eyed fans, however, have confirmed that the picture was taken at the house of Jay’s composer, Jason Huang, due to its furnishings and that the boy beside Hathaway was Jason’s son, thus upping the authenticity of the picture.

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