Jay Chou’s spinal disease is “incurable”

The singer has to take painkillers so that he is able to perform at concerts


Jay Chou’s busy work schedule can be taxing even for the physically fit. However, the singer has it harder as he suffers from Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), an incurable genetic spinal inflammation illness that causes pain to the sufferers.

Recently, Jay’s fanclub posted on Weibo a picture of Jay and a famous movie producer, revealing that the movie producer had seen Jay walking with a stiff posture and struck up a conversation with the singer.

Jay revealed to the producer that “AS is incurable” and said he was getting on in terms of age.

As he needs to sing and dance on stage for hours during his concerts too, Jay also shared that he takes painkillers to help ease the pain because if he does not perform, “what will the fans come to my concert for?” he said.

In 2015, Jay’s good friend, Will Liu, revealed that the singer suffers from a severe form of the disease and he only sleeps in a seated position instead of lying down due to the pain.

Will had also divulged that there are instances when Jay has to take up to ten minutes to walk to his front door, thus if the singer had performances lined up, Jay would have no choice but to take painkillers in order to stand on stage to perform.

Photos: PBE Media

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