Jay Chou “sacrificed” himself for Hannah Quinlivan

Netizens praised Jay Chou for protecting his wife and said he was “very manly”

Jay Chou “sacrificed” himself for Hannah Quinlivan

Photos: TPG

After Hannah Quinlivan made headlines for flying to Jiaxing, China, to support her husband’s appearance on The Voice of China, fans turned up in droves at the Shanghai airport to send them off yesterday.

To protect his pregnant wife from getting bombarded by fans, Jay Chou decided to enter the airport first so that Hannah can make her entrance without disturbance from fans. His act of “sacrifice” was praised by netizens who felt that it was “very manly” of him go to such lengths for Hannah.

Jay and Hannah, who are 14 years apart, married in January and announced the news of her pregnancy in April. Jay previously mentioned that he thinks that the two of them understand each other very well and joked that they think alike.

Jay is one of the mentors in the fourth season of The Voice of China.

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