Jay Chou to wed on Jan 18

The singer confirmed that he will wed on his birthday

Jay Chou to wed on Jan 18

Mark the date – Jay Chou will tie the knot with girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan on his 36th birthday, January 18.

Last year, Jay declared to have the intention of getting married before he turns 36. The wedding date was shrouded in mystery before his confirmation of the date at a radio event in Taipei yesterday (Dec 22), where he was scheduled to promote his upcoming studio album.

Rumours of the two’s nupitals have run rampant after they were spotted on a romantic trip in Europe. The singer, however, denied that he proposed to Hannah in Hyde Park, London. He smilingly shared that lip-syncing while filming his music videos would already garner attention; dropping down on one knee would definitely see a multitude of pictures flooding social media sites.

He coyly refused to comment if he has already proposed to his 21-year-old girlfriend, declaring that “just looking if her hand has anything important” would answer their question. He added that his proposal venue is a secret location that he will continue to keep mum about.

Jay also commented on the filming of the music video for What Kind of Man with Ariel Lin, admitting that he feels pressure from being anyone’s reel-life husband stems from the need to pay close attention to the other party’s feelings.

Jay Chou to wed on Jan 18
Hannah, on the other hand, revealed that she “like any other girl, used coquetry” to tame Jay, adding that she has been finding time to plan for the wedding with her beau despite their packed work schedules.

Responding to praise that she used her wits to finally persuade Jay to settle down, she quipped, “I don’t think so; compared to many others, I’m the kind who isn’t that smart.” Hannah remained tight-lipped over further questions regarding their nupitals.

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