Jay Chou will not give up on music career after marriage

The Mandopop superstar promised to “continue performing till he cannot sing anymore” 

Jay Chou will not give up on music career after marriage
Amid preparations for his wedding on Jan 18, Taiwanese multi-hyphenate Jay Chou has been busy with promotional activities of his new album Aiyo, Not Bad. In a recent interview on TVBS Global Chinese Music Chart, the Mandopop superstar said that he will not reduce his work load after marriage and promised to “continue performing till he cannot sing anymore”.

On the other hand, his wife-to-be Hannah Quinlivan has chosen to leave Dragon TV’s Dancing with the Stars due to the wedding. According to media reports, the actress was seen sobbing during rehearsals. During the actual broadcast, the 21-year-old burst into tears after her performance.

Hannah Quinlivan
“I feel extremely nervous whenever I’m standing here. I might not get a chance to say this again. I am here to bid farewell [to the programme] as I need to do something very important on Jan 18,” Hannah cried. “This is a ‘live’ show. To be fair [to the contestants], I have decided to quit the competition.”

In addition, the production team explained that Hannah would be absent for two weeks because of her wedding, if she had opted to stay on the show. Nevertheless, the actress is likely to make a special appearance during the Grand Final.

In an unprecedented and sweet move, Jay expressed his support for Hannah over the air. When asked to share his thoughts on his fiancé’s performance, the singer shyly replied: “The last part when she turned and smiled was great. With the backlight, it feels like a scene from a MV. Continue to work hard in future, you will do even better!”

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