Jaycee Chan, Kai Ko banned from Chinese broadcasts

The duo’s hopes of rebuilding their career looks uncertain


Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko were caught for using marijuana in China in 2014, with Kai being detained for two weeks and subsequently deported, and Jaycee being handed a six month jail term.

After their arrest, Kai’s image took a hit and he had to halt filming for all of his projects. The actor was also edited out of the China-produced Tiny Times 4, which he had finished filming for before the marijuana scandal.

Jaycee was similarly affected by the scandal and “disappeared” from the movie, Monk Comes Down the Mountain. It was said that his father, international action star Jackie Chan, tried to appeal on his behalf, in the hopes that the Chinese government will lift the ban.

After their respective releases from detainment and jail, the duo have been trying to restart their career and work on a clean slate.

However, it is rumoured that the Chinese authorities are planning to use Jaycee and Kai as “an example” to warn celebrities not to go near drugs, or their careers will be destroyed, and that the Chinese censors are working to block the two of them from appearing on Chinese broadcasts.

Jaycee is reportedly planning to put out an album and go into movie production, while Kai is starring in the new flick, The Road to Mandalay, which is set to release in the latter half of the year.

Photos: PBE Media

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