Jaycee Chan sentenced to 6-month imprisonment, fined $430

The Hong Kong actor appeared in public for the first time in five months today

Jaycee Chan stood trial for his drug offences today
Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan, son of international movie star Jackie Chan, stood trial for drug offences this morning (Jan 9), in his first public appearance since he was arrested in August last year.  

The 32-year-old has been sentenced to six months in prison and fined RMB 2,000 (approximately S$430) for accommodating drug users in his Beijing apartment.

Jaycee arrived at Beijing Dongcheng District People's Court in a police car at around 7am today.

Approximately 100 people consisting of congressmen, reporters, staff of Jaycee’s management company and members of the public were in attendance. Jaycee’s parents, Jackie and Lin Feng-jiao reportedly did not apply to attend the hearing.

Under the escort of police officers, Jaycee entered the court in a casual sweatshirt and pants. Although Jaycee did not show much expression, the actor appeared to be in good condition after five months at the detention centre.

Jaycee Chan sentenced to 6-month imprisonment, fined $430
Jaycee admitted to accommodating drug users in his Beijing home for a total of four times: once in the second half of 2012, and on Jul 10, Aug 13 and 14 last year.

On three of the four occasions, Jaycee hosted Taiwanese actor Kai Ko in his luxurious apartment where they smoked marijuana in the bathroom. On Aug 14, he hosted Chinese celebrity Alice Lin who committed the same act in his house.

Jaycee’s defense lawyer then pleaded for a light sentence citing several reasons: Jaycee admitted to the misbehaviour and has no prior criminal record. The attorney also stated that the damaging effects of marijuana are smaller than those of other drugs.

“I made a mistake. I’ve learned my mistake. I should have abided by the law,” Jaycee said.

“I broke the law and thus deserved to be punished. When I am released, I will never commit the same mistake again because I’ve let my family and friends down. Although I may not receive forgiveness even after getting due punishment, I hope to gain everyone’s understanding and to spread positive influence with my actions in future,” he added.

Jaycee and Kai were arrested in the former’s apartment on Aug 14 last year, before testing positive for marijuana. 100 grams of the drug were found in his home. Kai returned to Taiwan for sentencing after 14 days in the Beijing detention centre. 

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