Jeannie Hsieh reveals her complicated past

The singer announced her temporary retirement from the limelight as well


Jeannie Hsieh held the Taipei stop of her Boom Boom Par world tour at the Taipei arena on Saturday, and played a video recording from her before the end of the concert. The VCR brought to light how her father, entertainer Chu Keliang, had pushed for her mother to allow him to bring his mistress in to live with the family, as well as other misdeeds he had done.

After the video aired, Jeannie also cried while performing a song, and thanked her mother, who was present at the concert, for her care. The singer also announced that she will be retiring temporarily from the limelight, so that her mum could live peacefully.

Jeannie had previously told her dad not to attend her concert, but the 69-year-old had persisted in coming, as he wanted to mend their ties. The entertainer sent 22 flowers stands to Jeannie’s concert, with the message, “Wishing the queen of electro-pop, Jeannie Hsieh, success for her concert at the Taipei Arena. Thank you for your birthday present.”

Chu Keliang had also expressed that he wanted to come on stage to present the flowers, but there was no chance for him to do so. Thus, the entertainer had left before the end of the concert, and did not see the video recording by Jeannie. He also did not respond when asked to comment on the matters Jeannie brought to light in it.

Jeannie is reported to have not met with Chu Keliang for the past 22 years, though she did send him a letter on his birthday last year. The singer had wanted to meet up with him privately in order to protect her mother’s feelings, but was declined. Chu Keliang wanted to meet in public instead, as he did not understand what he did wrong to deserve the treatment he had received from Jeannie.


However in the video played by Jeannie at the concert, Jeannie revealed what Chu Keliang had done to her family in the past, from having an affair, to leaving her sister implicated after he went on the run to avoid his debtors.

The singer also expressed that while she might be letting her father down by bringing these matters up, if she were to stay silent, she would be letting her mother down. She revealed that her mother had “endured both verbal and physical violence, just so that the children could have a complete family.”

Jeannie also divulged that compared to the physical violence, what her mother found the hardest to bear was having to agree to “let Chu Keliang’s mistress live in the same house as her, and for the two to agree to share a husband.”

Chu Keliang then left the family suddenly when Jeannie was in Primary Three, leaving her mother to bring Jeannie and her sister up as a single parent. After that, Jeannie did not see Chu Keliang again, until she got into a car accident at the age of 17, where he promised to try and make up for his past actions. The entertainer had said that he wanted to remarry, and have his two daughters as his bridesmaids, but that promise did not last long as well.

Finally, Jeannie also revealed that Chu Keliang had used her sister’s name to borrow money from moneylenders, and recounted a harrowing experience. “My sister got woken up by the sound of gunshots, and realised that everyone in the house had fled, leaving her behind. After that, only my mother came to pick her up…From then on, our days were filled with court cases, summons, and creditors.”

Photos: PBE Media, Toggle

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