Jerry Yan gets chummy with blonde over dinner

Actor seen being kissed and hugged in public


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwanese actor and singer Jerry Yan, 39, was spotted on Sunday night behaving affectionately with a blonde foreigner over a group dinner.

The actor was seen meeting friends for a meal, and three foreigners — two women and a man — were part of the party.

Jerry was sighted graciously offering food to the younger woman, and through the dinner he smiled widely and appeared charming.


After dinner, the older woman held a door open for Jerry as the group left the eatery. She hooked her arm around Jerry’s neck, hugged him and pecked him on his cheek.

Jerry’s management agency issued a statement saying he had been part of a simple gathering with friends over dinner and nothing more.

The actor has been taking part in fewer acting projects in recent years, but his social life is still tabloid fodder: It was revealed he partied in a Taipei nightclub on February 29 with Seungri from the South Korean hip hop boyband BIGBANG.


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