Jerry Yan: I want to marry and have kids

Actor reveals innermost thoughts after downing alcohol


Taiwanese actor and singer Jerry Yan, 39, has revealed that he yearns to get married and have children, after he consumed a few alcoholic beverages recently.

While slightly tipsy, Jerry reportedly blurted that his mother was getting on in years and he hoped to settle down, revealing his frustration with how his own love life was going.

Jerry is the only member of Taiwanese boyband F4 still single — Vic Chou recently registered his marriage to actress Reen Yu, Ken Chu is seeing Chinese actress Han Wen Wen, and Vanness Wu is still married to Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo despite their stormy relationship.

Jerry has been romantically linked with model Seanna Chang, though the pair were rumoured to have split up months ago. And the actor hit the tabloids with actress Ruby Lin when they were spotted heading to her apartment building after a group dinner on December 12.

But Jerry’s romance with Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling, 41, was the highlight of his love life. They dated for six years until 2006, but fans are still holding out hope that they will get back together.

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