Jerry Yan, Lin Chi-ling unlikely to get back together

Actor seen visiting Japan, US with model Seanna Chang in tow

Jerry Yan, Seanna Chang, Lin Chi-ling

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan, 38, has been spotted in the US and Japan with model Seanna Chang, crushing the chances of a reunion with actress–model Lin Chi-ling, 40.

Jerry was seen in August at a bakery in the US at the same time Seanna was in California, and when Jerry attended a fan meet in Tokyo at the end of that month, Seanna was in the city too.

The actor’s manager said that when Jerry goes abroad for work engagements, a number of friends accompany him on his trips and Seanna was one of them. But Seanna’s modelling agency, Catwalk, declined to comment on her personal affairs.

Jerry and Chi-ling dated for about six years until 2006.

During the 52nd Golden Horse Awards ceremony in Taipei on November 21, Chi-ling, who co-hosted the event with Mickey Huang, acted out a skit as the female lead of the hit movie Our Times. And when the skit ended with Jerry’s face appearing on the giant screen, it got fans’ hopes up that the one-time golden couple would get back together.

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