Jessie Chiang rumoured to wed in March

The Taiwanese model-actress was once romantically linked to Jay Chou

Jessie Chiang rumoured to wed in March

Taiwanese model-actress Jessie Chiang was widely known as Mrs. J after being romantically linked to superstar Jay Chou for over two years. Their status as a couple was seen to be an open secret despite repeated denials from both parties.

The 27-year-old beauty has been focusing on her Chinese projects and revealed on her personal microblog on Saturday to “have found my Mr. Right”. Her beau was later revealed to be American pilot Josh Anderson, who is a personal pilot of the boss of a large pharmaceutical company in Beijing.

The two are said to have known each other for a year and rumours emerged in July this year of their relationship. At the time, she maintained that the two were just friends.

It is understood that Josh has been previously married and has a son and a daughter, with his daughter still in her infancy.

Jessie Chiang rumoured to wed in March
Jessie was accused of being the third party in Josh’s marriage at the time – an accusation she firmly denied, “They were about to divorce when I got to know him”.

She uploaded a picture of herself smiling radiantly with the caption “I’ve been smiling to myself recently… What’s happening to me?” Josh responded with an emoticon with hearts for eyes. Additionally, she updated her page with “in love, being loved” in September.

Following her confirmation of her relationship, rumours of her supposed wedding date have surfaced. She is said to be considering a March wedding date and is reportedly looking forward to having children as well.

She responded to the rumours through a friend that she confirmed the relationship as “I know that he’s someone that I can date with a sense of security, but we haven’t discussed marriage yet”. She further added that she made the announcement because “it’s something I can tell everyone because (I) feel that this relationship is something I can rely on (and) I’m really happy.” 

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