Jet Li makes his first public appearance in a while

The actor was promoting his newest movie Feng Shen Bang 3D


Jet Li appeared at the press conference for the movie, Feng Shen Bang 3D yesterday, dressed in all-black with a pair of sunglasses on, to hide the condition of his illness. The 52-year-old, who has been suffering from hyperthyroidism for the past six years, looked to be a little tired at the press conference, and occasionally lowered his head as well.

Charles Heung, the producer of the movie also reminisced the days when he and Jet worked together.  “[The last time we worked together was] in 1998, when we filmed Hitman. That was already more than a decade ago! After so many years, I’m really happy to be able to work together with my old friend again, just like old times.”

Jet, who will turn 53 next Tuesday, also has to constantly take medicine to regulate his heartbeat as one of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is an irregular heartbeat. However, the medicine also causes his weight to fluctuate wildly as well. Three years ago, the now-slimmer actor had gained a lot of weight, and revealed that he “did not dare to do exercises that are too vigorous.”

This time, Jet will be playing the elderly Jiang Ziya in Feng Shen Bang 3D, which will require some fight scenes. Charles’s wife Tiffany Chen, who is the co-producer of the film together with her husband, reassured everyone that Jet was strong enough for the battle scenes.

“Jet’s body condition is a lot better. A few years back, even his eyes were swollen due to hyperthyroidism. But now, they’re slowly recovering.”

The 57-year-old added that they will definitely consider Jet’s body condition before filming. She also revealed that all the scenes were carefully planned out, with a doctor on standby during filming.

Photos: PBE Media

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