Jimmy Lin, Kelly Chen expecting second child?

Kelly Chen was photographed at Hong Kong Disneyland with a slight belly and is rumoured to be pregnant

Jimmy Lin, Kelly Chen expecting second child?

Taiwanese actor-singer Jimmy Lin and his model wife Kelly Chen welcomed their first son Kimi Lin into their lives a seven years ago and rumour has it that the couple are expecting a second child together.

Kelly was spotted taking Kimi out on a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland over the weekend and photographs show that the mother could be pregnant with another because of her slight belly bulge. However, the 40-year-old father has not addressed this matter to the public as of yet.

In fact, his Weibo post on Saturday was about a completely unrelated topic. The race car driver has not only driven various sports cars, but he has also rode on helicopters and tried jet skiing before. But for the first time last weekend, he rode a mini army tank.

Jimmy Lin, Kelly Chen expecting second child?

He uploaded a photo of him riding the tank and captioned: “Today, I just learned how to ride a mini tank! The driving method is very unique, because the throttle is at your right hand side. It feels like a skateboard when I try to make a turn because it’s so easy to lose balance. Plus, it is able to travel on any terrain. It’s too cool!”

One netizen even left a cheeky comment saying, “What’s next for you? Outer space?”

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