Jimmy Lin: Kimi wanted another Kimi

Singer and actor reveals reason for having his newborn twins

Jimmy 1

Taiwanese singer, actor and racecar driver Jimmy Lin, 41, revealed on Facebook the reason he and his wife, model Kelly Chen, decided to have more children: Their 6-year-old son, Kimi, wanted another little Kimi.

“I once asked Kimi whether he wanted a younger brother or sister, and he said he preferred an older sister,” he wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“Well, that’s not possible. So I asked again, and he said he wanted another Kimi! It turns out that the older twin looks exactly like Kimi when he was just born, so Kimi got what he wished for.”

Jimmy 2

Jimmy and Kelly welcomed their twins, Jenson and Kyson, on December 5.

Before Jenson and Kyson were born, Kimi did express unease over being neglected, but the older brother shared his fabric racecar steering wheel toy with the newborns when he went to visit them in hospital, putting Jimmy’s mind at ease.

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