Jimmy Lin’s son rides Ferrari bicycle

The bicycle is reportedly worth S$510

Jimmy Lin and son Kimi
After his son Kimi was born, Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin frequently shared photos of the boy which earned him a massive following on social media. The 40-year-old, however, incited heated discussion following a recent Weibo post.

In his post, Jimmy and Kimi were seen enjoying some father and son time by engaging in an outdoor activity. The actor played with a child-sized scooter while his son, who wore a protective helmet, rode a kid’s bicycle.

Jimmy Lin’s son rides Ferrari bicycle
After the picture was published, sharp-eyed netizens noticed the Ferrari logo on the red bicycle which reportedly costs NT$11,900 (approximately S$510).

As a result, some netizens criticised Jimmy for “spoiling” his five-year-old son. On the other hand, others argued that the actor, known for being an avid racer, was only trying to “introduce Kimi to cars”. 

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