JJ Lin doesn’t rule out furthering relationship with Kaohsiung woman

‘Who knows what the future will bring,’ singer says

JJ Lin

Singaporean Taiwan-based singer JJ Lin, 34, won’t rule out taking things further with the Kaohsiung woman he’s been romantically linked to recently, saying, “Who knows what the future will bring.”

Asked how he could be sure it would be an official relationship, JJ said, “After we formally start dating and the relationship is stable.”

Yesterday the singer was at the media event for the pre-sale of his latest album, From M.E. to Myself. Though Taiwanese actress Sandrine Pinna was invited as a special guest, she was completely sidelined by media far more interested in JJ’s love life and his relationship with the Kaohsiung woman.

The singer said they were introduced by a mutual friend and had known each other nearly two months. He added that they had gone for meals together a few times, but he emphasised they were just friends.

JJ has been connected with a number of unidentified women over the past few months, dining with one in June and seen picking up another in his car in October.

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