JJ Lin engages in ‘illegal busking’

Mandopop singer had no permit when he joined a streetside musician for an impromptu performance

JJ Lin 1

Singaporean singer–songwriter JJ Lin, 34, sparked a debate online when on a whim he joined a Taipei busker in singing his award-winning 2005 hit ‘River South’ in the downtown district of Xinyi on Friday evening.

JJ was strolling through Xinyi when he heard the busker sing ‘River South,’ and he jumped in and sang along.

Footage of the impromptu performance made its way online, but the Mandopop singer and the busker were later reported for performing publicly without the relevant permit.

JJ Lin 2

JJ’s management agency has yet to issue any statement.

According to the Department of Cultural Affairs of the Taipei City Government, buskers who have not applied for a permit are considered illegal vendors.

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