JJ Lin hits back at fake news reports

The frustrated singer takes to Facebook to clarify rumours about the “Kaohsiung woman” China


At a press conference for a song composing competition recently, JJ Lin was questioned about his relationship with the mysterious “Kaohsiung woman”.

When asked if his mother had seen the aforementioned woman, the singer stayed silent for a moment, before replying that his mother had seen her from all the news articles about the Kaohsiung woman.

However, JJ had also clarified at the same event that the two of them were just friends. He added that he is busy with work at the moment and his “workaholic personality” would have scared off everyone

Later that day, however, reports that JJ had confirmed his relationship with the Kaohsiung woman began to emerge, angering the 35-year-old.

JJ then took to Facebook and posted a message on Tuesday, where he expressed his desire for reporters to respect what he said next time.

“The things that I never said are now news headlines, with the things that I did say becoming twisted. When I reveal my inner thoughts and feelings [next time], do me a favour, and give my words the respect that they deserve, alright?”

Photos: PBE Media

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