JJ Lin reveals the secret behind his signature

The local singer-songwriter joked about being the most efficient in the world at fan signs

JJ Lin reveals the secret behind his signature

JJ Lin has been a busy man. Last Christmas, he released his 13th studio album From M.E. to Myself and has been busy with promotions. Since then, he has also emerged as one of the Top 10 Singers of the Year at Taiwan’s 11th KKBOX Music Awards.

Since his debut 13 years ago, his fans have spent much time and effort analysing his seemingly simple signature, which the local singer-songwriter revealed actually has a lot of thought behind it.

Two of the most common assumptions are that his signature is merely his initials, JJ, or his surname in Mandarin, Lin (林). JJ shared that these are both wrong, and that his signature includes his full name, Junjie. The way he signs his name, however, coincidentally looks like his surname in Mandarin.

His unique way of dishing out signatures has earned him a spot in history. Back in 2007, he became the record holder of most number of continuous autographs signed when he was promoting his fifth album, West Side. JJ’s record 3052 signatures in two and a half hours meant that he completed each autograph within three seconds. The artiste has since laughingly declared himself as the most efficient at fan signings in the world.

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