JJ Lin’s appearance in Chinese variety show did not air

The Singaporean singer’s fans were angered when his segment in Chinese variety show did not air

林俊杰苦录影5小时 身影遭砍光1 Taking time off from his album preparations in early September, Singaporean singer JJ Lin acceded to requests from Chinese variety show Fashion Star to take part in the recording of its seventh episode in Mainland China.

To fans’ disappointment and anger, the segment was not broadcasted and his air time on the show was even shorter than what was seen in the preview. Fans voiced their decisions to boycott the TV station in charge – Dragon TV and a topic called “Dragon TV apologise to JJ Lin” recently appeared on Weibo.

It is believed that the local songbird sang his hit songs ‘River South’, ‘We Together’, ‘Never Learn’ and many more during the recording. Each song took at least three takes with the involvement of back-up dancers. Excluding the practice time off-stage, the recording session itself already took more than five hours.

The show had even used JJ’s appearance in the preview as the main selling point for that episode. To appease his fans, it is understood that the official Weibo of Fashion Star will be uploading the full version of him singing ‘You N Me’.

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