JJ Lin’s attacker reveals reasons behind his actions

Chen Yan Heng wanted to “teach JJ Lin a lesson for harassing girls” 

JJ Lin
After his attack on Singaporean singer JJ Lin last week, Chen Yan Heng, a member of an underground hip hop group called “United Music”, revealed the reasons behind his actions in a Facebook post on Monday.

He wrote: “Actually, one of the reasons why I hit you is because you love to flirt with girls too much. I hope this would teach you a lesson so that you will reflect on yourself before harassing the ladies in future.”

Chen Yan Heng
The 32-year-old also criticised JJ for “acting innocent with his lousy love songs” and accused the singer for making use of Hebe Tien’s popularity when he publicly confessed his admiration for the S.H.E member. “She doesn’t love you! Stop lying to yourself and your fans!” he exclaimed.

According to Taiwanese media, Yan Heng had uploaded a video of him punching JJ at the autograph session after he was bailed from the police station. In his post, he commented that it was “pretty worth it” to hit JJ, despite getting arrested on the spot.

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