JJ Lin’s father prompts his son to get married soon

Now that he is turning 34, JJ Lin’s father tells him it’s time for him to get married

JJ Lin’s father prompts his son to get married soon

Turning 34 this week (Friday, March 27), JJ Lin recently held an advanced birthday celebration with his fans last week.

Since JJ is a fan of Star Wars, the staff gave him a pleasant surprise by specially cosplaying as Storm Empire soldiers and “kidnapping” him and even gave him a Darth Vader themed birthday cake.

The local singer-songwriter made a few wishes for his 34th birthday. The first wish he made was to have “health and peace”; his second wish is for his album, New Earth, to be nominated for the Golden Melody Awards. JJ chose to keep his third wish a secret, fearing that it would not come true if he disclosed it.

When asked if he has any plans to settle down, he revealed that his father wrote: “This is the time to slow down and look for a partner in life” on a red packet given to JJ during Chinese New Year.

JJ said that his reaction to his dad’s subtle hint was an embarrassed smile, followed by a cheeky reply: “Please wait for me.”

So, what does JJ look for in a partner? He describes her to be someone who is easy-going, eloquent, easy to talk to and share with, listens to music, and will not become a long-distance relationship. He added that he plans to go to Greece for their honeymoon.

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