JJ Lin’s latest album still banned in China

“I feel that it’s a waste… but there’s nothing I can do,” says singer

jj lin

Despite having released his latest album, ‘From M.E To Myself’ late last year, JJ Lin’s album is still unable to hit the shelves in China.

According to reports, the album is unable to be sold in China as some of the lyrics for the songs inside were penned by Lin Xi. The lyricist had previously participated in the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong, which protested the way China governed Hong Kong. As a result of his involvement in the protests, Lin Xi’s works have been banned in China, which resulted in JJ Lin’s album being ‘off the shelves’ in China as well.

At the press conference for a song composing competition yesterday, the singer, who has debuted for 12 years, revealed that he used to be a student who dreamt of music as well. Thus, he empathised with the students who spent all day and night composing music, and said, “In composing, there’s no one to tell you what you should do. But once you have the enthusiasm, you’ll be willing [to compose tirelessly even with no guidance].”

JJ also expressed that he was not sure of the reason behind his album’s ‘ban’ in China, and that he would not ask why either.

“I feel that it’s a waste, for each one of my album of course I’d wish for it to be seen [by the public], but there’s nothing I can do. “ JJ also said that it was a good thing the songs from his latest album can still be streamed with the various online music providers in China, and thanked his fans for staying by him.

He also revealed that he will be temporarily stopping his plan of releasing one album a year, saying, “This year, I hope to pay back my musical debt. Right now, I have seven to eight songs that I’m writing and composing for. For the songs that I currently have on hand, my record company is also currently looking into collaborating with those in other fields for them.”

The 35-year-old was also grilled on his future plans. When asked whether his parents are rushing him to get married, he laughed and said, “Other than my family members, my friends are also very concerned, but you can’t rush this type of thing.”

JJ was also stunned for a moment when asked if his mother had seen the ‘Kaohsiung Woman’ that he’s rumoured to be dating. After recovering from his momentary shock, he answered, “She’s seen her from your articles on her,” but did not confirm nor deny whether he had introduced his mother to her.

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