JJ Lin spotted with a mystery woman

JJ Lin was seen having lunch with a lady and claimed she is “just a friend”

JJ Lin spotted with a mystery woman

Singaporean Taiwan-based singer-songwriter JJ Lin was on Monday spotted at a beef noodle restaurant having a meal with a woman speculated to be his assistant manager, sparking rumours that the 34-year-old could be dating.

JJ appeared to be trying to stay low key, donning a black hat and black T-shirt. The two spoke in such hushed tones that no one around could make out what they were saying. After 20 minutes, JJ left after paying the bill and the woman stayed behind.

The reporters bombarded JJ with questions upon his departure, asking him about the woman’s identity. However, he denied that the woman was his assistant manager and replied, “She is just a friend of mine who returned from overseas. She had bought souvenirs for me and we just had a meal together.”

He firmly emphasised that he is currently single and stated that he just wants to be alone.

JJ Lin spotted with a mystery woman

Five minutes later, the girl attempted to leave the restaurant, covering her face, but hurriedly scrambled back to her seat when she noticed the reporters were still hanging around. When the reporters went up to her and probed about whether she and JJ were just friends, she gave the same answer as him. Not long after, a male friend of hers came to bring her away.

JJ’s record label Warner Music officially clarified yesterday that the situation is as what JJ said and added that he left before she did because they realised that they were being photographed.

The woman said over a phone interview that she is a university student who got to know JJ through a software application half a year ago. When asked if they are in a relationship, she denied but implied that she had something to hide, saying, “I’ve hidden a lot of the details and I’m going to keep it that way.”

When asked about whether this incident will result in the two avoiding each other, the woman replied that she was uncertain and added, “It’s up to JJ.”

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