JJ Lin tears up relating heartbreak behind ‘Practice Love’

Singer’s track based on the passing of a close female friend


Photos: PBE Media

Taiwan-based Singaporean singer JJ Lin, 34, teared up while recounting the sad backstory that led to his song ‘Practice Love.’

While appearing on a recent episode of a Chinese music variety programme, the singer was reunited with a former high school friend, who revealed that JJ wasn’t that great a songwriter until one particular girl came into the picture.

The pair would play music together and compose lyrics and tunes, and JJ’s schoolmate added that the girl had confessed her feelings for the singer, but he didn’t accept her then.


JJ then spoke about the story behind ‘Practice Love,’ saying it was written for a close female friend who perished in an aviation accident. The girl had harboured feelings for JJ and would deliver breakfast to his home every morning, but he didn’t feel the same way about her.

He teared up relating how he later discovered a photo of him among her belongings and realised she had always kept him close to her heart.

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