JJ Lin to perform on Korea’s Music Bank

The local singer collaborated with CNBLUE’s Yonghwa for the song ‘Checkmate’

JJ Lin to perform on Korea’s Music Bank

JJ Lin will be performing on Music Bank, a weekly South Korean music show, today. The local singer uploaded his personal Instagram earlier today with a photo of CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, captioning it with “guess where I am!”

Fans waiting outside the recording building uploaded photos of him entering the premises on social media, where the 33-year-old looked to be in high spirits and was dressed simply in a snapback, sunglasses and numerous layers under his winter coat.

JJ and Yonghwa collaborated on ‘Checkmate’, a track for Yonghwa’s solo debut. The track features lyrics in three languages, namely English, Korean and Mandarin and has a strong pop-rock vibe that matches well with both musicians’ styles.

JJ Lin to perform on Korea’s Music Bank

JJ is the only foreign artiste to feature on the singer’s solo debut, with the other three featuring artistes being rocker Yoon Do Hyun and rappers Yang Dong Geun and Verbal Jint.

While this is the first time JJ will participate in a Korean music programme, he is not the first Singaporean to do so. Korean girl band SKarf, which had two local members, Ferlyn and Tasha, performed on the music show when the group was promoting.

JJ previously showed his interest in CNBLUE when he tweeted a photo of him backstage with the group at their Taiwanese concert in 2013. 

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