Jody Chiang to retire from singing career

The veteran Taiwanese songbird will bid farewell to her 32-year showbiz career after her tour this year

Jody Chiang and Chiang Su-na
At the press conference of her concert tour, veteran Taiwanese songbird Jody Chiang (Jiang Hui) dropped the bombshell about her impending retirement from the industry.

The 53-year-old started singing at the age of 12 and officially joined showbiz in 1983. While speaking to the media, Jody’s younger sister, singer-actress Chiang Shu-na said that Jody has always been a “giant who sheltered her from the storms”.

“I followed Er Jie (affectionate term for Jody) around since I was 10. She was 12 then. As I am timid, Er Jie would protect me by putting on a tough façade,” Shu-na shared. “She would step forward to defend me whenever I get bullied. That is why everyone thinks that she is very fierce.”

Chiang's family photo

After becoming a multi-award winning singer, Jody continued to help Shu-na make a name in the industry. A dedicated artiste, the well-loved diva could not stop thinking about music even when she was holidaying with her family.

In addition, Shu-na let on that Jody had contemplated retirement four years ago. It was only until last year that she finally set her mind to do it. Although Shu-na feels sorry for the fans, she hopes that her sister would be able to make up for lost time after “hanging up her microphone”. 

Jody Chiang to retire from singing career

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