Joey Yung injures self while practicing for ‘I Am A Singer 4’

Singer uploads a startling picture of her injury, alarming netizens


Photos: PBE Media

Joey Yung, who recently joined reality show, I Am a Singer 4, where she will compete with other singers, suffered an injury during practice.

The 35-year-old accidentally fell and sprained her ankle while practicing her dance and was rushed to seek medical treatment. After the doctor’s examination, it was found out that her injury was a ligament tear, with no fractures.

The singer shared about her injury in a Weibo post and wrote: “Right now, I’m angry and dejected, I’ve already prepared the content for my performance but injured myself due to my foolishness. Will I be able to complete my dance on just one leg at the rehearsals later?

Joey also posted pictures of her injured foot that showed a visibly swollen ankle, together with a bone in her left foot protruding out due to the amount of time spent in high heels.


She later uploaded a picture of her bandaged foot with pink nail polish on the toenails. “Really sorry for making everyone uneasy, it’s too late to delete it now, I can only upload a photoshopped picture to make amends,” she wrote.

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