Joey Yung to marry Wilfred Lau after turning 40?

The 35-year-old let her plans slip in an interview


Hong Kong’s celebrity power couple Joey Yung and Wilfred Lau first revealed their relationship in 2012, and have continued to let their relationship develop steadily since then.

Joey who will turn 36 on 16 June, recently revealed in an interview that she might be working on her birthday, as she has to rehearse for her concert with Hacken Lee. When asked whether Wilfred might work together with Hacken to surprise her during the rehearsal, the singer-actress gave a negative answer though she did reveal that Wilfred is like “any other man” when it comes to surprises, and that they live a very normal life together.

Joey also revealed that she does not mind the lack of surprises, laughing that she’s glad he doesn’t complain even when she doesn’t have the time to meet with him.

Regarding her marriage plans, though, Joey immediately answered, “Not so soon, [I’ll] have to be at least 40 [before we get married].”

The 35-year-old also revealed that Hacken had asked for her permission before he posted up a picture of him and his wife together with Joey and Wilfred, and that she had “deliberated” about the matter before deciding to allow Hacken to post the picture.

Photos: PBE Media

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