Joey Yung washes hands off father’s debts

The Hong Kong singer will not pay for her father’s debts after she did so since 2000

容祖儿拒代父还债 正式与父划清界线1

Hong Kong singer-actress Joey Yung has declared that she will not pay for her father’s debts anymore. The 34-year-old once paid for her father’s insurance debts in 2000, when she was a newcomer to showbiz, which amounted to HK$70,000 (approximately S$11,600) when he went missing and debtors came knocking on their door.

It is understood that Joey and her brother are brought up single-handedly by her mother after her parents divorced when she was 15 years old.

容祖儿拒代父还债 正式与父划清界线2

After settling his debts in 2000, Joey had given him money to start a wholesale business in clothes but it failed. Recently, her father started a nightclub in Mainland China but got into debt again. Joey, who eventually paid off her father’s debt, decided to wash her hands off his matters and “have nothing to do with him anymore”.

Her manager Mani Fok responded through a phone interview, “Joey is very filial and has fulfilled her responsibilities as a daughter. To protect her family and mother, she will not be responsible for her father’s actions nor respond to them anymore.”

Lawyer Daniel Wong also shared that Joey has no obligations to pay for her father unless she signed legal documents. 

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