Jolin Tsai dresses up as Zootopia character

The singer is voicing the main character for the Chinese version of Zootopia


Jolin Tsai was recently announced as the Chinese voice dub for the Disney animated movie, Zootopia. The Taiwanese dancing diva will be dubbing for the main character of the movie, Officer Judy Hopps, a determined bunny police officer.

Yesterday night, the singer posted pictures of her dressed up as Judy Hopps from the movie Zootopia on Facebook, prompting netizens to comment on her long legs.

In the pictures, the 35-year-old held on to a Judy Hopps soft toy for some of the pictures, and for the rest, she made comical expressions at the fox soft toy of Judy’s “nemesis turned partner”, Nick Wilde.


In the end, the singer couldn’t hold in her own laughter at her own actions and burst out laughing in the last picture.

Her post led fans to join in on her cosplay, with comments like, “Please arrest me”, “Are you getting ready to go out and give parking tickets” and “I want to have my voice recorded by your carrot voice recording pen”.

One fan even said, “Hello Officer Jolin! Your legs are so long!” and sparked a heated debate on Jolin’s post with his comment.

Photos: PBE Media


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