Jolin Tsai’s assets reportedly trusted to bank

The singer’s father is said to have trusted her assets to the bank for fear of her divorce in future

蔡依林脊椎背部伤透 特技舞娘宣布"收山"

Taiwanese Mandopop star Jolin Tsai has been in a steady relationship with New Zealand-born model beau Vivian Dawson for the past four years and wedding rumours have been rife.

However, the singer’s father is reportedly worried about incompatibility in status between the pair and that they could end up in a divorce if they decide to get married. As a result, the older Tsai has trusted Jolin’s NT$2 billion (approximately S$84.4million) assets to the bank as a precaution.

Vivian has been taking up movie projects such as Tiny Times 3 this year and gaining popularity, elevating his status to match Jolin’s, but her father is still reportedly troubled over her future.

However, Jolin’s manager denied these speculations and said, “Nothing like that happened.”

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old singer, who released her new album and recently collaborated with her idol Carina Lau on her new music video, has teamed up with Japanese singer Namie Amuro for another MV ‘I’m Not Yours’. The song is meaningful to both of them as it is Jolin’s first composition and Namie’s first time singing a Chinese song.


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