Jolin Tsai’s post misunderstood as a slam on Beijing

Netizens blasted angry comments at Jolin Tsai in a huge misunderstanding over her Weibo post 

Jolin Tsai's post misunderstood as a slam on Beijing

Photos: TPG

Jolin Tsai, who bagged the Best Mandarin Album Award for her latest album PLAY, held a concert in Beijing last night as part of her world tour. She intended to portray her excitement about the concert by posting “Pei (name of her album, PLAY, in Mandarin) Beijing” in Mandarin on Weibo.

The Mandarin title of her album which is read as ‘Pei’ in Chinese and literally means to spit in contempt of something, created a ruckus with netizens who were not familiar with her album title. Those who did not understand the word play misunderstood her post and interpreted it as a slam on Beijing.  

In anger, netizens commented, “Get out of Beijing!” to the singer until she deleted her post.

Her representative Tom Wang explained to the media: “Jolin meant to post ‘PLAY Concert in Beijing, I’m coming for you’, but decided to delete her Weibo post to stop her fans from fighting online. I hope that everyone will remain happy when they come to Jolin’s concert.”

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