Jolin Tsai’s rare show of affection for Vivian Dawson

The Taiwanese singing diva took to social media to wish her boyfriend a happy birthday

Jolin Tsai’s rare show of affection for Vivian Dawson
A rare show of affection from the usually coy Jolin Tsai towards her boyfriend Vivian Dawson sent fans into a tizzy last weekend.

When Vivian turned 31 on Saturday, he wrote on Weibo: “Today is my birthday and I found the 5 star dragon ball (sic). 6 more to go, then I can make my wish,”

Four hours later, Jolin, who is currently busy with her latest concert tour Play, shared his post on her account and publicly wished him “happy birthday” on social media.

Fans were taken aback by her brazen and public show of affection and urged the couple, who have been seeing each other since 2009, to tie the knot soon.

Despite numerous sightings of them going on dates and reports on their May-December romance, Jolin and Vivian are known for keeping their relationship under wraps from the public eye and away from social media.

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