Jolin Tsai shares recent travel photos from Japan

Singer spends Chinese Valentine’s Day on vacation with boyfriend, Vivian Dawson


Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai shared pictures of her recent trip to Japan after netizens commented pointedly last Thursday that she had spent Qixi Festival (aka Chinese Valentine’s Day) there with her boyfriend, model and actor Vivian Dawson.

One photo posted on Facebook showed her kabe-donning (or wall-pinning) a giant stuffed bear. “Seeing folks lined up neatly makes me want to go up and strike an ending pose,” she wrote. Many fans commented that they wished they were that bear, and that Jolin was taking her job too seriously, wanting to pose everywhere she goes.

Another picture showed Jolin’s back view, but was shot from an angle so high that it was likely the work of the 1.89 m tall Vivian, giving Jolin’s fans an idea of her towering beau’s perspective of their 30 cm height difference.


Taiwan media reports that Jolin took a long vacation after winning three major Golden Melody Awards in June.

Jolin and Vivian met while filming the music video for Jolin’s 2010 hit "Love Player" and have been dating for more than five years.

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