Jolin Tsai to fly fan in to see her Dalian concert

Asia’s dancing queen scores highly on generosity

Jolin Tsai

Taiwanese pop singer Jolin Tsai has offered to fly a 16-year-old superfan over to watch her October 24 concert in Dalian, China, after he said he couldn’t afford to go.

During Jolin’s Saturday show in Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, China, a few lucky fans were permitted to request songs of hers to perform live. One diehard fan picked ‘Journey’, ‘Kaleidoscope’ and other tracks, causing Jolin to protest: “Oh my god, I haven’t prepared any of those, your song requests are too much.”

To make it up to her fan, she invited him to go see her in concert again on October 24 in Dalian, China. But owing to some financial difficulties, the fan asked if it would be Jolin’s treat, and she said, “Sure, no problem, it’s on me!”

Afterwards, the dancing diva got her staff to take down the particulars of this superfan, so that she could take care of his flights and accommodation too. Jolin even promised to add the fan’s song requests to her setlist for her Dalian concert so that he could watch her perform them live.

The singer is performing in China as part of her Play World Tour 2015.

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