Joseph Chang accompanies girlfriend to gynae

Actor’s marriage status hotly debated

Joseph Chang accompanies girlfriend to gynae

Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang, 32,  was rumoured to have registered his marriage on December 23 to his current girlfriend, Vicky, and the latest news is that the couple headed an obstetrics and gynecology clinic that day.

According to witnesses, Joseph, recently seen in the 2015 movie The Laundryman, stood in line at the clinic with Vicky for a good half hour before it got to their turn. Vicky was summoned for blood and urine tests, and Joseph waited patiently.

Joseph Chang accompanies girlfriend to gynae

Barely two days ago, the couple were rumoured to have married when Vicky posted a photo online that showed a glimpse of a rock on her ring finger after celebrating Joseph’s birthday. And now they’re rumoured to be expecting.

Joseph previously denied he had registered his marriage. He and Vicky are reportedly living together, and Vicky has met his mother.

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