Joseph Chang's 5-month-old relationship exposed

The 31-year-old was revealed to be dating Chinese actress Wan Qian for five months

Joseph Chang's 5-month-old relationship exposed
Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang’s new relationship with Chinese actress Wan Qian was recently exposed. Joseph was reported to be dating the budding actress for 5 months.

The couple had met and known each other while co-starring in movie Springfield Number One. Joseph, known to be more reserved and slow in opening up to others, shares a completely different character with Wan Qian, who is more extroverted. However, Joseph was seemingly infected by Wan Qian’s happy vibes and the couple clicked with each other instantly during the filming.

Joseph and Wan Qian have been openly showing their affection for each other through their interactions on Weibo for a period of time. On Dec 28 last year, Wan Qian also expressed her birthday blessings to Joseph on her Weibo, attaching a photo of him surfing to her post, which drew speculations about their relationship.

When Wan Qian was nominated and subsequently crowned the best second female lead of movie Lost in Paradise at the Golden Horse Awards last year, Joseph also sent caring messages through social media to support her.

Not only does the couple share a close bond online, reports have revealed that the actress stayed over at Joseph’s new home when she was in Taipei to receive her award. The actress was said to be secretly texting alone at the celebratory party of the awards ceremony after she took photos and exchanged greetings with the crowd. Wan Qian later reportedly snuck off and headed to Joseph’s home after a change in clothes. She was also seen using her own set of keys to enter the house, exposing the close relationship between the two.

Eye-witnesses also claimed to have seen the couple sharing a meal at a restaurant while the 31-year-old bachelor visited his beau when she filmed at Xiamen. The couple was seen interacting intimately, occasionally exchanging kisses on their cheeks.

However, when asked about his rumoured relationship, Joseph did not deny it but said he did not wish to talk about his love live. His manager has also declined to comment on the rumour, while Wan Qian continues to remain silent on the issue.

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