Joseph Cheng: Ariel Lin is more than family to me

The actor asserts that they are not in a romantic relationship


Taiwanese actor Joseph Cheng first worked together with Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin in the 2005 drama, It Started With A Kiss, where they acted as the lead characters. The drama was very popular amongst viewers, who dubbed the two the “Evil Kiss” couple.

11 years later, the duo, who have remained friends even after filming wrapped, worked together on the variety show Race The World, where Joseph’s care for Ariel on multiple occasions left fans starry eyed.

Recently, the 33-year-old spoke about his long friendship with Ariel in an interview, and described Ariel as an articulate speaker who is “very intelligent”.


Joseph also went on to reveal that he recently saw a side of her that he never knew she had, as someone who will “fight till the end” and doesn’t give up easily.

Even though Ariel tied the knot with her non-celebrity husband, Charles Lin in 2014, fans still support Ariel and Joseph as a couple, which Joseph professed to feel no pressure about.

“We’re just old friends and co-workers, and our relationship is something that has surpassed that of a family.”

The actor also shared that he feel that the duo’s relationship is not a romantic one, saying, “We appear to be like the perfect couple, but [our relationship] is not of the romantic kind, where we wish to date each other or get married.”

Photos: PBE Media

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