Joseph Cheng’s ‘boyfriend aura’ leaves netizens starry-eyed

The actor cares for Ariel Lin when she suffered a small mishap at work


Joseph Cheng’s concern for Ariel Lin during the filming of upcoming variety show Race the World left netizens gushing about his ‘boyfriend aura’.

While filming for the variety show, Race the World together, Ariel, who was very spirited and determined, wanted to practise navigating the obstacles before the other groups arrived. However, the actress’s hair got caught in a steel cable while practising, causing her to cry out in pain.

Joseph, who was from a different team, heard Ariel cry out, and immediately turned to make sure she was alright. The actor even gave Ariel some advice to make sure her hair won’t get caught again, and told her, “Make sure to stuff your ponytail into your scarf and ensure your own safety”, after checking that she was alright.

Their short interaction has won the approval of netizens, who commented, “Warm hearted and caring, with a high IQ and strong ‘boyfriend aura’. There’s nothing Joseph can’t do” and “Ariel and Joseph’s friendship is in a whole different category of its own.”

The duo first met in 2005, when they acted together as the lead characters in the drama serial It Started With A Kiss. They became good friends after filming wrapped and still meet each other regularly.

Photos: PBE Media

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