Joyce Cheng: Sexiness stems from confidence

Despite being on the heavy side, Joyce Cheng feels confident in her own skin and rocked a tiny polka-dot dress at a recent photoshoot

Joyce Cheng: Sexiness stems from confidence

Hong Kong performer Joyce Cheng recently had a retro fashion photoshoot where she needed to slip on a tight little polka-dot dress and get entirely dolled up in a “classic pin-up girl” look.

The shoot was for a magazine cover, with famous fashion stylist Anson Lau and well-known makeup artist Ricky Lau spearheading the creative team.

For someone who usually keeps her makeup simple and rarely wears provocative outfits, the 28-year-old expressed that “wearing little does not equate to being sexy, because sexiness stems from confidence”.

Joyce Cheng: Sexiness stems from confidence

The daughter of late comedienne Lydia Sum and actor-singer Adam Cheng admitted, “This was a very bold attempt for me, but I like it, because I feel very feminine, empowered and confident.”

Although Joyce does not have a slender figure – she weighs approximately 90 kg – she explained, “I was surprised to find out that I actually suit this style of makeup and this hairdo. I hope that I get to keep trying new things. I think it will definitely be very fun.”

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