Joyce Cheng transforms into mermaid to promote Hong Kong harbour swim

Daughter of late comedian Lydia Shum comfortable with her image now

Joyce Cheng 1

To promote the fifth annual revived New World Harbour Race in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour next month, Joyce Cheng, daughter of Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng and the late entertainer Lydia Shum, took promo shots underwater dressed as a mermaid.

Hong Kong media reports Joyce, 28, donned a restrictive mermaid costume and forced her eyes wide open underwater.

“This is the first time I’ve dressed as a mermaid for work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the photos turn out,” she said.

“I’ve been soaking in water for two hours, my skin has gone all wrinkly!”

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Acting and hosting gigs keep coming in for Joyce, and she’s starting to channel her late mother’s bubbly, indomitable personality. Accepting her genetic heritage, Joyce said she no longer minds whether she’s slim or not, and the world welcomes her adorable look.

Her present weight is reported to be 90 kg, and the actress has always been large, once tipping the scales at more than 100 kg. But she lost half that weight when she filmed a slimming commercial when she was 23.

Afterwards, for health reasons, she announced she would not try to lose weight again, and said she hoped to be at peace with her true self. “I’ve gotten used to slimming down,” she once said. “Whether I was slim or not, no matter how I lost weight — taking pills, dieting — my stomach would always hurt!”

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