Julian Chen reveals the reason he went under the knife

The Little Tigers member also debunked rumours of discord between the trio


Julian Chen has been plagued with rumours recently, from being suspected of going for plastic surgery, to being on bad terms with his fellow Little Tigers members, Alec Su and Nicky Wu.

At the press conference for his upcoming concert, held on May 21 at the Workers Stadium in Beijing, China, Julian divulged the reason behind his ‘changed face’.

“When I was filming for a TV drama in 2011, my face was burnt by explosives and had to receive treatment for two months and go for plastic surgery to repair the damages,” the singer-actor said in tears. “At that time, I didn’t want to let my parents know, and only wanted to focus on working, so I did not reveal to the media that I had been injured.”

After his revelation, the host used his hand to ‘examine’ Julian’s face, and confirmed that there are no implants in his face, and that he was ‘all natural’.

The 44-year-old, who has always been said to be less popular and with no ‘defining traits’ as compared to his fellow Little Tigers members, showed that he was on good terms with Alec and Nicky as well. At the press conference, he showed everyone videos of Alec and Nicky cheering him on for his concert to dispel the rumours of discord between the trio.

“If I’m not on good terms with them, why would I be one of the groomsmen at Nicky’s wedding? They wouldn’t record videos of themselves cheering for my concert as well.”

He also went on to share that he had reserved seats for them at his concert, and that he hoped for that night to be a “warm meeting” with his old friends and fans.

Photos: PBE Media

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