Julian Cheung hints Aaron Kwok is dating

Cantopop singer denies new relationship, saying he will inform everyone if he decides to wed

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Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung accidentally let slip on a TVB programme that when he meets up with pop singer Aaron Kwok, the latter shows up as “part of a pair,” hinting that the 50-year-old bachelor may be seeing someone.

But Aaron denied this, saying, “[Julian] wouldn’t talk nonsense, don’t accuse him of anything.”

“I’m focusing on my work at the moment and letting matters of the heart take their course, but settling down is one of my life goals and when the time is right I will announce it to everyone.”

Aaron was interviewed backstage at his De Showy Masquerade concert in Macau on Saturday night, during which he performed complex stunts and intense dance routines, and held audience interaction segments with his fans.

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