Julian Cheung isn’t really about to put down his dog

Pet lovers take actor’s joking remark on puppy that can’t be toilet-trained seriously

Julian Cheung

Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung isn’t really about to put down his dog for relieving itself in inappropriate places.

The actor clarified yesterday that his comments had been made in jest, and promised he would take good care of his dog, named Dai Jin.

“Though it pees everywhere and that frustrates me, I would never abandon it and I’ll think of a way to resolve it, so don’t worry,” he said yesterday.

Julian had been promoting his new film, Return of the Cuckoo, when he mentioned his family dog still isn’t toilet-trained and jokingly said he would have it put to sleep. But that riled animal welfare groups and pet lovers, who chastised the actor online.

Asked how he felt about being attacked on the Internet, Julian said, “Everyone has the right to speak up.”

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