Julian Cheung nearly causes stampede in Mongkok

Actor promotes new movie with co-stars and hands out souvenirs on Hong Kong streets

Julian Cheung 1

Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung and his co-stars from the new movie Return of the Cuckoo nearly sparked a stampede in the streets of Mongkok yesterday during their promotional event.

Together with actors Leung Kin Ping and Jacquelin Ch’ng, Julian distributed souvenirs from Macau to a large, disorderly crowd, which then surged forward dangerously.

Seeing that the audience was getting rowdy, Julian cleared out of the venue as soon as he was done with the event, and slipped away to avoid causing a stampede.

Julian Cheung 2

During an interview later that day, Julian said he often proposes holding promotional events in malls instead.

Malaysian actress Jacquelin Ch’ng said she was shoved aside by security personnel during the commotion in Mongkok. Though she wasn’t injured, she joked that everyone seemed to be focused solely on Julian’s safety.

Return of the Cuckoo, based on the award-winning 2000 TVB drama series of the same name, opens in Singapore November 12. 

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