Jun Ji Hyun caught shopping for groceries at 4 months pregnant

Slim screen superstar snapped engaging in regular human activity

Jeon Ji Hyun 1

South Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun was spotted out shopping for groceries on Saturday, and eagle-eyed fans snapped photos of the expectant mother looking her svelte self and showing no sign of water retention.

The social media post that followed had fans heaping on the praise: “Seeing the goddess in person — daebak (awesome)!”

Ji Hyun, 33, is 19 weeks pregnant with her first child with husband Choi Jun Hyuk, a banker. She has recently ceased making media appearances in conjunction with her latest movie, Assassination, and is focusing on becoming a mother.

Lately, she has shot only a print advertisement, and her baby bump was not noticeable then.

Ji Hyun is best known for a string of hit drama serials, with 2013’s My Love from the Star opposite Kim Soo Hyun being one of the most popular.

Jeon Ji Hyun 2

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