Kai Ko and Tia Li: We’re just very good friends

In the midst of ever-heightening rumours, the pair stressed that there is nothing romantic going on between them

Kai Ko and Tia Li: We’re just very good friends

Kai Ko and Tia Li have been romantically linked since May but the pair has vehemently denied suggestions that they are more than just friends.

Kai was seen supporting an extremely drunk Tia after a family party earlier this week, following which she was confirmed to have rested in his home to sober up before heading off.

Responding to the media amidst ever-heightening rumours of a budding relationship between the two, Kai stressed that he brought her up to his home to rest as he didn’t know how to contact her family, insisting that they are just very good friends.

Kai Ko and Tia Li: We’re just very good friends

He also updated his Facebook with a snap of him pointing sternly to a dog while holding its leash, with netizens commenting, “Ah there’s a hidden meaning to this. (You’re referring to) the paparazzi.” (Ed’s note: the Chinese word for paparazzi contains the Chinese character for dog.)

The reason behind Tia’s massive drinking might have been revealed as well, with some suggesting that she was stressed out over reports that she and fellow Dream Girls member Puff Kuo are currently in discord.

While admitting that she had too much to drink that night, she shared that she trusted her good friend Kai to look after her and went to his home to rest as both his parents were also present.

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